1. The Contest is open: students of all universities of the CIS countries and others can take part in it.
  2. The Contest includes one distance theoretical competition. Individual and team results will be considered.


09.03.2021–12.04.2021 Registration of the contest participants and their supervisors

Registration is realized at the web-site of the Belarusian State University of Transport here:

The team supervisor and all team members should be registered.

Each higher educational establishment can be represented by no more than 6 students of the 1-4 years of study.

In 24 hours after registration the Contest organizing committee members would send the confirmation of the registration to the e-mail pointed during registration process. If some information about the registered person is incorrect this fact will also be noted in the confirmation letter.

12.04.2021–13.04.2021 Testing the communication channels for transmitting the information related to the Contest problems solving

All information about the Contest problems will be sent to the teams supervisors. The supervisors of the teams give the problems to solve to the participants and after the solving time is over they have to send the copies of students’ solutions to the organizing committee of the Contest in a short time. So there should be foreseen the main and the additional communication channels for the case of the unexpected circumstances.

14.04.2021 The Contest. The estimated start time - 10.00 a.m. according to the Belarusian time.

9.45-10.00  Reporting on the Contest problems.

15 minutes before the start of the Contest, the problems are sent to the team supervisors via e-mail. By 10.00 a. m. the problems should be printed and given to the participants. At 10.00 the same information will be are also posted on the Contest website.

The problems set will include 6 tasks (two each in statics, kinematics and dynamics). Each task is evaluated by 10 points.

10.00-12.30  Time for problems’ solving.

The video and audio of the process of problems solving by the students has to be compulsory recorded.

Students should write the solutions only on one side of the A4 format paper sheet (the back side of the list should remain blank). In the upper right corner of the list there should be put the individual participant’s code assigned by the organizing committee. It is forbidden to write the personal information about the participant (name, surname) on the sheet. Each problems solution should be written on the separate paper sheet. The solution for the same problems can be written on several sheets (if it is long) but the solutions of two different problems can’t be written on the same sheet of paper. The figure should be compulsory depicted on the solution sheet. If the participant uses his own additional symbols (which were not in the problem task), f. e. any additional dimensions, angles, forces, etc. in the solution or in the figures, then the solution (the figure) should contain information that allows anyone to interpret the new designation unambiguously. All mathematical calculations that allowed to get the final result should be fully noted. The presence of a final result (even the correct one) without a description of the solution is not evaluated by the jury.

12.30-12.50  Express-sending of the solutions photos to the Contest organizing committee members.

Problem solving ends at 12.30 according to the Belarusian time. The supervisors should immediately photograph the sheets with solutions (4 sheets per frame, example) and send photos to the organizing committee members (on the photos all letters should be distinguishable). The deadline for sending photos is 12.50. Works sent later are not considered.

12.50-16.00. Submission of the qualitative images with the solutions.

By 16.00 according to the Belarusian time (4 p. m.) each team supervisor has to send the qualitative images with the students’ solutions to the Contest organizing committee. If there are some differences between the previously sent photo and the qualitative image of the solution list the participant will be disqualified.

16.00. The author’s variants of the Contest problems’ solution presentation.

If the start time of the extramural competition is changed the above mentioned time periods will be changed correspondingly.

15.04.2021–22.04.2021 – Problems’ solutions checking.

The checking of the solutions is performed in accordance with the traditional rules. Additionally, a special algorithm is developed to check the independence (originality) of the solutions. If the possessed solutions are found the corresponding participant will be disqualified.

23.04.2021 – The presentation of the criteria used in the solutions evaluating. The presentation of the preliminary results of the individual competition.

The preliminary results are sent to the each team. If the participants find situations when the sent solution had not been evaluated, they should inform the Contest organizing commitee.

24.04.2021 Summing up the final results of the Contest. Publishing results on the web-site.


  1. The students of the 1-4 year of studying can participate in the competition.
  2. No more than six students can represent each university.
  3. The final results of the Contest are defined by the sum of the points of each participant. If two students have the equal sum of points they have the identical place.
  4. According to the individual results of the extramural theoretical competition, the 60% of the total number of participants are awarded with the diplomas (10% - first degree, 20% - second and 30% - third).
  5. The university teachers organize the participation of students of their universities and, if it is necessary, they can be involved in the solution checking process by the Contest organizing committee.
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