map belarus

Belarus is happy to treat foreigners. There are no interracial, interethnic or religious conflicts in the country. Belarusians are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. In this you can be convinced by own experience. Education in Belarus provides an excellent opportunity to plunge into the life, culture and traditions of the country, learn Russian at a high level, get experience with the native speakers, and make new and interesting acquaintances.

Gerb 250

OFFICIAL NAME Republic of Belarus

PRESIDENT Alexander Lukashenko

STATE LANGUAGES Belarusian, Russian

TERRITORY 207.6 thousand square meters. km

POPULATION 9 million 481.8 thousand people


NATIONAL CURRENCY Belarusian ruble (BYN)

CLIMATE OF BELARUS is moderately continental with frequent Atlantic cyclones. Winter is mild with prolonged thaws, and summer is moderately warm. In July, the average temperature is + 17 ° C in the north to + 18.5 ° C in the south. The average temperature in January varies from -4.5 ° C in the south-west to -8 ° C in the northeast. In some regions of Belarus, the temperature is below zero for more than a third of a year. On the territory of Belarus, an average of 600-700 mm of precipitation falls annually. 70% of precipitation in the form of rain falls in April-October. In this case, worry about the presence of warm clothing.

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