The campus consists of four student dormitories.

The work of the campus is aimed at providing housing for needy nonresident students, undergraduates, graduate students, university entrants, university employees and business travelers to the university.

With each resident the contract of hiring of a dwelling premise is concluded and their registration in regional administrations of a city is carried out. Each student living in a hostel, for the period of study is registered in the department of passport and visa services.

In dormitories, the necessary conditions for living, independent study and recreation, as well as for conducting cultural and educational work are created.

Head of the campus

Phone: +375 232 95-39-15

Phone: +375 232 77-62-11

Hostel №1


Karpovicha str., 3, phone number 95-24-27

Hostel №2


Kirova str., 33, phone number 95-26-64

Hostel №3


Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 4, phone number 95-34-85

Hostel №4


Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 4-a, phone number 95-28-59

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