1. Typical technological process of work:

The documents are intended for the organization of the operational work of the stations of the Belarusian Railway of the corresponding categories and functional purpose and establishes the composition and content of the technological process of the station, the procedure for performing operations by types of production activities, the interaction of the station with adjacent railway units, third-party organizations, calculation and analysis of standards of operational activity; used by engineering and technical workers and heads of stations, departments and road management.

  1. Standard technological map of the operational operation of the intermediate station of the Belarusian Railway

The document defines the system of organization of operational work of the intermediate station of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th class of the Belarusian Railway. Establishes the procedure for calculating the time standards for performing technological operations and resource costs for operational activities, interaction with third-party organizations. A software product has been developed that allows to conduct research and evaluation of the operational and technical characteristics of the intermediate station; to develop a system of administrative and operational management of the station; automate the process of developing a technological map through an application program.


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