Consolidation of the international cooperation

One more consolidation link of the international cooperation of our university in the field of education with the Baltic countries, Central and East Asia had been the defence of diploma projects by foreign students of the specialties “Economics and Organization of Production (in the fields)” and “Commercial Activities” that took place on June 13, 2020.


Members of the State Commission noted the high level of graduates’ training, their knowledge of the language, which is foreign for them.

Particularly noteworthy is the defence of the master's thesis related to the prospects for the further implementation of the international project “One belt - one way”. The development of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation is taking place in various directions, but first of all, of course, in the foreign-economic sphere. The growth in trade between our countries has a steady upward trend. And this, in turn, requires both intensification of work on the implementation of existing international projects, and the creation of new ones.

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