The New Year walks the planet

The teachers, and staff and students of the Faculty for Teaching Foreign Citizens (FTFC), and also the staff of the Slavic and Romano-Germanic Languages Department and the International Relations Department are preparing for the New Year 2021 with the motto “The New Year walks the planet!".


The New Year is a family holiday and therefore the faculty staffs greets it with a single whole large international family, in which everyone makes their own contribution for creating a cheerful New Year mood. It will become undoubtedly the key to a successful and happy New Year! For this, the 5th floor hall of the 4th building of the University, and the Slavic and Romano-Germanic languages department, and the FTFC dean's office are decorated in a festive way with garlands in the "hand-made" style.




Many interesting ideas and conceptions of our students were embodied in the creative and emotionally positive atmosphere of the holiday. Students prepared the Happy New Year greetings in different languages of the world. An interesting composition of wishes was presented by students from China and Turkmenistan (Agamyradov G., Kuchina E., Myradov O., Khaidarova N., Liu Meng, Wang Xin), and employees of the dean's office (Dyubanova I. I., Tikhonova T. A.) and teachers of the Slavic and Romano-Germanic languages department (Volskaya I. I., Kulazhenko N. V., Lyubochko N. A.). It was the New Year's traditions of different countries of Europe and America and also the New Year's quiz.



The installations "Zodiac Circle" and "2021 is the Year of the White Metal Bull", which located in the dean's office of the faculty, as well as many traditional "frosty patterns" on the windows and the New Year trees are noteworthy, but among all of them the "Parade of Snowflakes" and the creative “Sweet Christmas tree” made from “Cow” sweets, which is symbolic, are unusual and tasty.



We can say that the pre-New Year troubles of the collectives of the FTFC, and the "Slavic and Romano-Germanic languages" department and the department of international relations have turned into a pleasant preparation for a magical holiday, thanks to which even the most sceptical people begin to believe in miracles and prepare a list of wishes so that the chime make the most cherished ones, which will certainly come true.





                                                T.A. Vlasyuk,

Dean of the Faculty of Education for Foreign Citizens

(translated by the international relations department)

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