Implementation of modern education systems

In the context of international cooperation, the Transport Economics Department of our university together with the Economics Department’s staff of the Tashkent State University of Transport held a joint scientific and methodological seminar "Implementation of modern education systems".

The seminar organized remotely based on the Zoom platform. The participants of the seminar discussed the current application level of modern trends in education, application prospects and further development possibilities of both national educational projects and international character with the participation of both seminar’s parties.



During the scientific seminar, the results of cooperation between the departments in the past year summed up. In addition, the head of the Transport Economics Department of BSUT Lipatova Olga Vadimovna and the head of the Economics Department of TSUT Yuldasheva Saodat Arislanovna identified further prospects for cooperation between both departments in the coming year, and the faculty of the departments warmly supported that.

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