The Military Transport Faculty was founded in 2003, it is a structural sub-division of the university and carries out the training of officers for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in the specialty "Management of units of troops transportation " by directions (Qualification - management specialist. Civil Engineer-builder).

For the period of training, cadets are provided with all kinds of allowances, they are covered by all the benefits provided for military personnel, and monetary allowances are paid.

Students live in the hostel of the university.To study at the military transport faculty, under the programs of training junior commanders and reserve officers, students and students of institutions of higher and secondary special education who are enrolled in full-time education are admitted.

Military training of students in military registration specialties is conducted on two levels of training:

  • The first one - under the programs of training of junior commanders;
  • the second - under the training programs for reserve officers.

Training of students at the second level of military training is carried out only after they have completed the training at the first level.

Contact Information:

tel .: 8 0232 31 93 78

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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