Mechanical faculty is one of the oldest in BelSUT. Since 1953, the graduating departments of the faculty have trained more than 8,000 young specialists, who later became famous scientists, major managers of enterprises and organizations, management bodies of various rank, not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.

Specialties of the Faculty of Mechanics:

  1. Traction structure of the railway transport by directions (qualification - engineer-electrician).
  2. Rolling stock of the railway transport (qualification - engineer-mechanic).
  3. Equipment and technologies of highly effective processes of material processing (qualification - engineer).
  4. Technical operation of loading-unloading, track, road-building machines and equipment (qualification - engineer-mechanic).
  5. Power supply (by industry) (qualification - engineer-energetic).

There are several scientific schools at the faculties of the faculty: "Mechanics and thermal dynamics of frictional contact of solids", "Tribo-fatigue", "Nondestructive testing and technical diagnostics", "Computer and mathematical modeling of dynamics and strength of machines and building structures".

Contact Information:

tel .: (0232) 95-21-93, (0232) 31-95-31

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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