The Day of Belarusian science

The main resource for the development of society

Dear friends! Please accept my most sincere congratulations on our professional holiday  Belarusian Science Day!

A great contribution to the scientific achievements of the country is made by our university. We have established ourselves in creative competition with other universities of the republic and the CIS countries in the training of highly qualified specialists and the creation of scientific schools, which are now widely known in the scientific world. The university staffs are consistently and systematically moving towards its goals. Our main strategic task is to improve the scientific foundations of the functioning in the republic of the transport and construction industries, transport engineering, ensuring safety and high work efficiency. And for this we have creative potential. Indeed, the contribution of scientists to the tasks of innovative development of the country and the modernization of production is designed to become even more significant.

Dear teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, staff, students! I wish you new discoveries and achievements in the field of science. Also accept my sincere wishes for good health, prosperity, creative energy and good luck!

University rector
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences




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