The Research laboratory «Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Means» was established on March 10, 1999 at the educational institution «Belarusian state university of transport».

Accredited by the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025-2007. Registration number of the Accreditation сertificate:

№ BY/112 dated December 22, 1999

It has been recognized as competent and entered into the Register of organizations recognized by the Council for railway transport of the Commonwealth member states accredited for the right to carry out conformity assessment work. Registration number of the Certificate:

№ 2 dated October 13, 2006

It is included in the Unified register of testing laboratories of the Eurasian economic commission.



In accordance with the scope of accreditation, the RL conducts:

  • scientific and technical expertise:
    • technical documentation (including the document «Proof of safety»),
    • circuit solutions,
    • software;
  • tests:
    • safety of operation;
    • electromagnetic compatibility;
  • analysis of the types and consequences of failures (FMEA and FMECA) in microelectronic and computer control systems for responsible technological processes;
  • calculations of reliability and functional safety indicators.

In the field of railway automation and telemechanics, the laboratory is accredited to carry out work to confirm compliance with the requirements of IEC 61508 (GOST R IEC 61508), EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, TR CU 001, TR CU 003, GOST 33432, GOST 34012, STO RRW 009 and other TNPA.

The certificate and the full scope of accreditation can be viewed at the link.



The laboratory staff, including a Doctor of technical sciences (head), 3 candidates of sciences, have experience not only in conducting analysis, testing and examination of circuit solutions, software and documentation, but also in developing microprocessor systems of railway automation.

The laboratory staff have been trained, have certificates of competence and are expert auditors for confirming the compliance of railway products with the requirements of technical regulations and other technical regulations.

The laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipment, including test generators from the swiss company «Schaffner», and computer equipment (both stationary and portable) for conducting EMC tests and safety simulation tests.



The highly qualified personnel made it possible to develop a number of high-tech technologies on their own to analyze and prove the safety of technical means and test them for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.

The laboratory has developed a unique set of hardware and software tools for conducting simulation tests for functional safety, which was awarded the medal «Laureate of the VVC» at the «ЭКСПОЖД-2001» exhibition in Moscow, in 2006 was awarded the diploma of the VI Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments, in 2010 – the diploma of the 12th International specialized exhibition «Advanced technologies and systems: Automation, telecommunications, security» (Minsk).

The complex allows you to simulate microelectronic and microprocessor devices and, by simulating single and multiple failures, determine from the outputs of the devices the presence of dangerous failures or failure sequences leading to dangerous consequences. A prerequisite is clearly formulated criteria for dangerous failures.

А set of hardware and software tools for conducting simulation tests for functional safety has been successfully used in the analysis of microelectronic train safety systems.



The laboratory has many years of experience in cooperation with leading developers of microelectronic railway automation systems in Russia, Belarus and other countries.

We are ready to cooperate and, if necessary, we can demonstrate our capabilities.

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